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Canalplan AC contains a large number of photos ( approximately 34228 ) many of which are hardly ever seen
These pages allow you to explore these photos without having to trawl through the whole of Canalplan

30 Random Photos

Place Name (click to view Photo in new tab)      Date Taken
Mirfield Visitor Moorings22nd June 2015
River Lock No 1 - Leeds21st June 2007
Uncle Bens Bridge18th October 2012
Copt Heath Bridge No 7515th March 2010
Arthur's Bridge23rd March 2008
Rhoswiel Bridge Winding Hole28th December 2014
Barton Swing Aqueduct Overhead28th July 2010
The Ship Inn (Slattocks)4th July 2015
Armstrong Swing Bridge2nd August 2018
Centenary Bridge (Leeds)18th October 2008
Muirtown Basin30th November 2013
Wolverhampton Lock No 817th March 2010
Site of Perry Barr Wharf and Basin14th July 2002
Llanfoist Wharf11th June 2014
Buxton Road Bridge No 6820th April 2007
Neath (A465T) Road Bridge (Neath Canal)9th June 2015
Braunston Lock No 322nd October 2015
Hollanders Bridge5th May 2016
Pipe Bridge (Knostrop)31st October 2011
Aqueduct No 25a (Trent and Mersey Canal)22nd May 2012
Swing Bridge No 5 (Pocklington Canal)5th May 2002
Newhouse Farm Bridge No 682nd June 2006
Rodley Swing Bridge No 2174th August 2006
Norish British Steel Bridge28th May 2006
Milepost - Braunston 23 Miles19th October 2015
Stourton Moorings8th December 2015
Ribble Link Lock No 920th July 2007
Telford Aqueduct (South end)22nd June 2002
Woolhampton Mill Lock No 948th July 2006
Blue Bell Bridge No 192nd September 2012

Top 30 Most Photographed Locations

Place Name (click to view Location in new tab)      Number of Photos
River Lock No 1 - Leeds71
Granary Wharf Graving Docks55
Carpenters Road Lock54
Granary Wharf54
River Aire Junction50
Fort Augustus Locks43
Armstrong Swing Bridge40
Leeds Lock No 139
London Wharf (Tyne)39
High Level Bridge38
Leeds Dock Visitor Moorings36
Corpach Sea Lock35
Leeds Basin35
Gateshead Millennium Bridge32
Ouseburn Barrage32
Corpach Double Locks31
Banavie Locks30
Newcastle City Marina30
Knostrop Fall Lock No 330
Old River Lea - City Mill Junction29
Office Lock Bridge No 22628
Allington Lock No 1028
Cromford Wharf28
River Lock Landing Stage27
City Mill Lock27
Muirtown Locks26
Tonbridge Town Lock No 125
Rockvilla Bascule Bridge24
Old River Lea Junction24
Ecluses 38-39 Tannay24

Last 30 Places with photos added

Place Name (click to view Location)
Ecluses 21-22 Guétin   
Le Guétin   
Pont au Citie du Chemin de Fer   
Ecluse 18 Fleury   
Pont du Ecluse 6 Planche de Belin   
Ecluse 3 Bazolles   
Evesham Marina   
Old Lock Entrance   
Robert Aickman Lock   
Robert Aickman Lock Weir Exit   
Pont du Route de Guerche   
Ecluse 2 Bazolles   
Pont a Ecluse 15   
Ecluse 5 Denain   
Ecluse 1 Baye   
George Billington Lock Weir Entrance   
Chadbury Lock   
Fladbury Lock Weir Exit   
Fladbury Lock   
Luddington Lock Wharf   
Wyre Lock   
Pont Port Brûle   
Seven Stories Corner   
Byker Boatyard Slipway   
Quayside Bridge   
Walker Road Bridge   

Last 30 Photos added

Place Name (click to view photo in new tab)   Date Added
Ecluses 21-22 Guétin   21st January 2019
Le Guétin   19th January 2019
Pont au Citie du Chemin de Fer   19th January 2019
Ecluse 18 Fleury   18th January 2019
Fleury-sur-Loire   17th January 2019
Pont du Ecluse 6 Planche de Belin   15th January 2019
Ecluse 3 Bazolles   15th January 2019
Châtillon-en-Bazois   14th January 2019
Evesham Marina   14th January 2019
Old Lock Entrance   14th January 2019
Robert Aickman Lock   14th January 2019
Robert Aickman Lock   14th January 2019
Robert Aickman Lock Weir Exit   14th January 2019
Robert Aickman Lock Weir Exit   14th January 2019
Pont du Route de Guerche   13th January 2019
Ecluse 2 Bazolles   12th January 2019
Baye   11th January 2019
Pont a Ecluse 15   10th January 2019
Ecluse 5 Denain   9th January 2019
Ecluse 1 Baye   7th January 2019
George Billington Lock Weir Entrance   7th January 2019
George Billington Lock Weir Entrance   7th January 2019
Evesham   7th January 2019
Chadbury Lock   7th January 2019
Fladbury Lock Weir Exit   7th January 2019
Fladbury Lock Weir Exit   7th January 2019
Fladbury Lock   7th January 2019
Luddington Lock Wharf   7th January 2019
Luddington Lock Wharf   7th January 2019
Wyre Lock   7th January 2019

Top 30 Canals

Canal Name (click to view Canal in new tab)Number of Photos
Leeds and Liverpool Canal (Main Line - Wigan to Leeds)   1431
Grand Union Canal (Grand Junction Canal - Main Line - Gayton to Brentford)   1339
Shropshire Union Canal (Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal - Main Line)   891
Shropshire Union Canal (Llangollen Canal - Main Line)   780
Oxford Canal (Southern Section - Main Line)   772
Birmingham Canal Navigations (Main Line)   654
Worcester and Birmingham Canal (Diglis Basin to King's Norton Junction)   652
Kennet and Avon Canal (Main Line)   615
Rochdale Canal   595
Coventry Canal (Main Line - Hawkesbury to Fazeley)   545
Birmingham Canal Navigations (Birmingham and Fazeley Canal - Main Line)   519
Caledonian Canal   503
Oxford Canal (Northern Section - Main Line)   501
Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal (Main Line: Autherley to Great Haywood)   494
River Tyne   478
Aire and Calder Navigation (Main Line - Castleford to Leeds)   440
Macclesfield Canal   431
Grand Union Canal (Warwick and Birmingham Canal: widened section - Main Line)   416
Grand Union Canal (Leicester Section - River Soar Navigation)   415
Bridgewater Canal (Main Line)   387
Trent and Mersey Canal (Caldon Branch - Main Line to Froghall)   377
Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal   375
Trent and Mersey Canal (Main Line - Harding's Wood to Middlewich)   366
Stratford Canal (South Section)   362
Grand Union Canal (Warwick and Napton Canal)   361
Lancaster Canal (Main Line)   341
Calder and Hebble Navigation (Main Line)   336
River Thames (below Oxford)   328
Trent and Mersey Canal (Main Line - Great Haywood to Etruria)   328
Trent and Mersey Canal (Main Line - Middlewich to Preston Brook)   312