Sonning Lock Weir Exit

Channel leading to the Weir
Playhatch Road, South Oxfordshire RG4 6UT, United Kingdom
Sonning Lock Weir Exit is a minor waterways place on the River Thames (below Oxford) between Thames - Kennet Junction (Kennet Mouth) (Junction of River Thames with the River Kennet at Reading) (2 miles and 1 furlong and 1 lock to the southwest) and Wargrave (3 miles and ½ furlongs and 1 lock to the northeast).
The nearest place in the direction of Thames - Kennet Junction (Kennet Mouth) is Sonning Bridge (Sonning Village); ¼ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Wargrave is Thames - St Patrick's Stream Junction (Junction of the River Thames and St Patrick's Stream); 1 mile and ¾ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated

You can wind here.

Thames Valley Busines Park1 mile, 3 furlongs
Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake4¼ furlongs
Sonning Lock Weir Entrance3½ furlongs
Sonning Lock2½ furlongs
Sonning Bridge¼ furlongs
Sonning Lock Weir Exit
Thames - St Patrick's Stream Junction1 mile, ¾ furlongs
Buck Ait1 mile, 2 furlongs
Hallsmead Ait1 mile, 3½ furlongs
The Lynch1 mile, 5¼ furlongs
Phillimore Island2 miles

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  • Flowing Spring (Gluten-Free Restaurant, VegetarianVegan Restaurant)
    Henley Road, Playhatch, Reading, RG4 9RB — 1405 yards to the northwest.
Landscape Company
Retirement & Assisted Living Facility
  • Sunrise Sonning (Nursing Home)
    Old Bath Road, Reading, RG4 6TQ — 1305 yards to the southeast.
Party Supply & Rental Shop
  • Pearson Hall
    Pearson Road Sonning, Reading, RG46 — 577 yards to the southeast.
Social Club
  • The Sonning Club
    Pearson Road, Reading, RG4 6UL — 493 yards to the southeast.
Sports & Recreation
Golf Course & Country Club
Martial Arts School
  • The Martial Arts School (GymPhysical Fitness Center, Sports Club)
    Sonning Lane, Reading, RG4 6ST — 1191 yards to the south.
Shopping & Retail
  • Sonning Golf Shop (Golf Course & Country Club)
    Duffield Road, Reading, RG46GJ — 1624 yards to the southeast.
  • Deanery Garden
    High Street, Reading, RG4 6 — 319 yards to the southeast.
Barber Shop
  • Sonning Tonsorium (Hair Salon)
    Sonning, Reading, RG4 6UP — 358 yards to the southeast.
  • Coppa Club (Restaurant, Social Club)
    Reading — 109 yards to the south.
Sports Team
  • Berkshire Shire Hall RFC (Sports Club, Rugby Pitch)
    Berkshire Shire Hall Rugby Club, Sonning Lane, Reading, RG4 6ST — 831 yards to the south.
Religious Organization
Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
Taxi Service
  • Woodley (Rental Shop)
    Reading, RG46 — 1018 yards to the south.
Swimming Instructor
  • Sonning (Geo Entity)
    Sonning — 1523 yards to the southeast.
  • Coppa Club (Bar)
    The Great House, Thames Street, Reading, RG4 6UT — 93 yards to the south.
  • French Horn, Sonning Eye (Landmark & Historical Place)
    Reading, RG4 6TN — 290 yards to the northwest.
  • Ivy of Sonning
    6 High St, Reading, RG4 6 — 397 yards to the south.
  • Shoulder of Mutton (Pub)
    Playhatch, Reading, RG49 — 1622 yards to the west.
Automotive Repair Shop
  • Sonning Hill Motors (Car Dealership)
    Unit 8, Meade Park, Sonning Lane, Reading, RG4 6US — 1065 yards to the southwest.
Live Music Venue
Pet Groomer
Garden Center
Local Business
Landmark & Historical Place
Limo Service
Fitness Trainer
  • Ladies Group PT (Nutritionist, Fitness Boot Camp)
    Reading Rugby Football Club, Sonning, RG4 6ST — 1243 yards to the south.
  • Sonning Bridge (Landmark & Historical Place)
    Sonning, RG4 6 — 89 yards to the south.
Amateur Sports Team
  • Berks Elite FC
    Berks Elite FC @ Reading Hockey Club, Reading, RG4 6ST — 1241 yards to the south.
Sports Club
  • Reading Hockey Club (Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue)
    Sonning Lane, Reading, RG4 6ST — 1248 yards to the south.
  • Rams RFC (Amateur Sports Team, Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue)
    Old Bath Road, Sonning, Reading, RG4 6TQ — 1295 yards to the southeast.
  • Redingensians Rugby Club
    Old Bath Road, Reading, RG4 6TQ — 1309 yards to the southeast.
  • Reading RFC (Rugby Pitch)
    Holme Park, Sonning Lane, Reading, RG4 6ST — 1170 yards to the south.
  • Pure first class cricket academy (Coach)
    Sonning lane, Reading, RG4 6SU — 977 yards to the south.
Marketing Agency
  • FoxRed Ltd
    Sonning — 821 yards to the southeast.
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