Thames - The Cut Junction

Junction of the River Thames and the Cut (leading to York Stream)
Bray Marina, Monkey Island Lane, Windsor and Maidenhead SL6 2AZ, United Kingdom
Thames - The Cut Junction is a minor waterways place on the River Thames (below Oxford) between Wargrave (20 miles and 2¾ furlongs and 8 locks to the west) and Racecourse Yacht Basin Entrance (Junction of the River Thames and the Clewer Mill Stream) (1 mile and 3 furlongs to the east).
The nearest place in the direction of Wargrave is Summerleaze Footbridge; ¼ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Racecourse Yacht Basin Entrance is Bray Marina; ½ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated

Bray Lock5¼ furlongs
Bray Lock Weir Exit5 furlongs
New Thames Motorway Bridge3¾ furlongs
Monkey Island1¾ furlongs
Summerleaze Footbridge¼ furlongs
Thames - The Cut Junction
Bray Marina½ furlongs
Queen's Eyot1¼ furlongs
Windsor Marina1 mile
Racecourse Yacht Basin Entrance1 mile, 3 furlongs
Bush Ait1 mile, 3½ furlongs

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Outdoor Equipment Store
  • Bray Lake SUP (Sports & Recreation Venue)
    Monkey Island Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 2EB — 597 yards to the west.
  • The Palmer Arms (British Restaurant, Gastropub)
    Village Road, Dorney, Dorney, SL4 6QW — 1593 yards to the east.
Scuba Diving Center
  • Bray Lake Watersports (Sports & Fitness Instruction, Boat Dealership, Laser Tag Center)
    Monkey Island Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 2EB — 624 yards to the west.
Business Service
  • Weir Bank
    Monkey Island Lane, Bray, SL6 2ED — 717 yards to the northwest.
Equestrian Center
Sports & Recreation
Hotel Resort
  • Bray Marina
    Monkey Island Lane, Bray, Maidenhead, SL6 2EB — 138 yards to the southwest.
Hotel Bar
  • The Oakleaf Lounge (Tea Room)
    Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor, SL4 5UR — 1269 yards to the southeast.
  • Lenka Jones Portraits
    Weir Bank, Monkey Island Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 2EE — 691 yards to the northwest.
RV Park
Landmark & Historical Place
  • Oakley Court (Sports & Recreation Venue)
    Windsor — 1285 yards to the southeast.
  • Bray Lock
    Maidenhead — 1430 yards to the northwest.
  • Dorney Court (Museum)
    Dorney — 1218 yards to the east.
  • M4 Thames Bridge
    Maidenhead — 979 yards to the north.
Home & Garden Website
Seafood Restaurant
Garden Center
Local Business
Arts & Entertainment
  • Once Upon a Bus (Community Organization)
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  • Summerleaze Footbridge (Landmark & Historical Place, Religious Center)
    Maidenhead — 85 yards to the northwest.
  • Dorney School (College & University)
    Harcourt Close, Maidenhead, SL6 0DY — 921 yards to the north.
Sports Club
  • Phoenix Gymnastics Club (GymPhysical Fitness Center, Nonprofit Organization)
    Water Oakley Farm, Windsor Rd, Windsor, SL4 5UJ — 1006 yards to the south.
Performance & Event Venue
  • Queen's Eyot (Island, Wedding Planning Service)
    Monkey Island Lane, Bray, SL6 2EA — 62 yards to the southeast.
Community Center
  • Dorney Village Hall (Community Organization, Performance & Event Venue)
    Harcourt Close, Maidenhead, SL6 0DW — 1118 yards to the north.
GymPhysical Fitness Center
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