Lift Bridge No 173

M40, Twyford, Cherwell, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Lift Bridge No 173 is a minor waterways place on the Oxford Canal (Southern Section - Main Line) between Aynho Bridge No 190 (Ayhno Village 1.25 miles northeast up B4031) (4 miles and 6¾ furlongs and 4 locks to the southeast) and Concorde Avenue Bridge No 165 (1 mile and 7½ furlongs to the northwest).
The nearest place in the direction of Aynho Bridge No 190 is M40 Bridge (Northern Crossing) Bridge No 173A; ¾ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Concorde Avenue Bridge No 165 is Nadkey Bridge No 172; 1¾ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated

There is a lift bridge here. The bridge is normally left open.

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Wikipedia has a page about Lift Bridge

A vertical-lift bridge or just lift bridge is a type of movable bridge in which a span rises vertically while remaining parallel with the deck.

The vertical lift offers several benefits over other movable bridges such as the bascule and swing-span bridge. Generally speaking they cost less to build for longer moveable spans. The counterweights in a vertical lift are only required to be equal to the weight of the deck, whereas bascule bridge counterweights must weigh several times as much as the span being lifted. As a result, heavier materials can be used in the deck, and so this type of bridge is especially suited for heavy railroad use.

Although most vertical-lift bridges use towers, each equipped with counterweights, some use hydraulic jacks located below the deck. An example is the 52-foot (16 m) span bridge at St Paul Avenue in Milwaukee (see also table bridges). Another design used balance beams to lift the deck, with pivoting bascules located on the top of the lift towers. An example of this kind was built at La Salle in Illinois, USA.

The biggest disadvantage to the vertical-lift bridge (in comparison with many other designs) is the height restriction for vessels passing under it. This is a result of the deck remaining suspended above the passageway.

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GymPhysical Fitness Center
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