Firework Ait

Eton, Eton SL4 6BW, United Kingdom
Firework Ait is a minor waterways place on the River Thames (below Oxford) between Racecourse Yacht Basin Entrance (Junction of the River Thames and the Clewer Mill Stream) (2 miles and 4¼ furlongs and 1 lock to the west) and Magna Carta Island (Runnymede, Home of the Magna Carta Monument and the Kennedy Memorial) (5 miles and 4¾ furlongs and 2 locks to the southeast).
The nearest place in the direction of Racecourse Yacht Basin Entrance is Deadwater Ait; 1 furlong away.
The nearest place in the direction of Magna Carta Island is Windsor Bridge; ¾ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Mainline railway stations (1½ furlongs away); Aliance and Leicester cashpoints (ATM machines) (1½ furlongs away); Barclays Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (1¾ furlongs away); HSBC cashpoints (ATM machines) (2 furlongs away); Lloyds Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (1½ furlongs away); Nationwide Building Society cashpoints (ATM machines) (2, nearest is 2½ furlongs away); Santander Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (2½ furlongs away); JD Weatherspoons Pubs (2, nearest is 2¾ furlongs away)


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Firework Ait is an islet in the River Thames in England on the reach above Romney Lock known as the Windsor and Eton reach, Berkshire. It is the smallest island on the Thames with an official map-published name.

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  • The King And Castle Pub, Windsor, England
    15-16 Thames Street Windsor, Windsor, SL4 1PL — 248 yards to the southeast.
  • The Watermans Arms (Beer Bar, British Restaurant)
    Brocas St, Eton, SL4 6BW — 109 yards to the northeast.
  • The George (Inn, Gastropub)
    77 High Street, Eton, SL4 6AF — 160 yards to the northeast.
  • The Boatman Windsor (British Restaurant, Gastropub)
    10 Thames Side, Windsor, SL4 1QN — 347 yards to the northeast.
  • Weatherspoons
    15 Thames Street, Windsor, Berkshire, Windsor, SL4 1PL — 237 yards to the southeast.
Family Style Restaurant
British Restaurant
  • The Long Walk
    46 Kings Rd, Windsor, SL4 2 — 819 yards to the southeast.
Private School
  • Eton College (College & University, City)
    Eton, SL4 6DW — 764 yards to the north.
French Restaurant
  • Côte Brasserie
    71-72 High St, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 6AA, Windsor, Berkshire, Windsor, SL4 6AA — 187 yards to the northeast.
  • Café Rouge
    31-32 Royal Station Parade, Thames Street, Windsor, SL4 1PJ — 331 yards to the southeast.
Thai Restaurant
  • Thai Square
    28-29 Thames Steet, Windsor, SL4 1PR — 238 yards to the southeast.
BoatFerry Company
  • Windsor Castle (Landmark & Historical Place, Museum)
    Oldbury, SL4 1NJ — 471 yards to the southeast.
Beer Bar
Greek Restaurant
Sports Event
  • Royal Windsor Horse Show (Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue)
    King Edward VII Avenue, Windsor, SL4 1NG — 1018 yards to the east.
Bar & Grill
  • Browns Bar, Windsor
    The Promenarde, Barry Ave, Windsor,SL4 1QX, Windsor, SL4 1QX — 100 yards to the southeast.
Train Station
Italian Restaurant
  • Zizzi
    24 Thames Street, Windsor, SL4 1PL — 237 yards to the southeast.
Landmark & Historical Place
Race Track
  • Windsor Racecourse (Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue)
    Maidenhead Rd, Windsor, SL4 5JJ — 1546 yards to the west.
  • Bill's
    64-67 Windsor Royal Station, Jubilee Arch, Windsor, SL4 1PJ — 257 yards to the south.
  • Bel & The Dragon
    Datchet Road 1, Windsor, SL41 — 243 yards to the east.
Local Business
Parking Garage Lot
Performance Art Theatre
  • Windsor Bridge (Landmark & Historical Place)
    Windsor — 172 yards to the east.
  • Baths Island (Park)
    Windsor, SL4 5 — 618 yards to the west.
Cocktail Bar
  • All Bar One Windsor (Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Beer Bar)
    40 Windsor Royal Station Unit 40, Windsor, SL4 1PJ — 297 yards to the south.
Religious Center
Tour Agency
Shopping Mall
  • Windsor Royal Station (Shopping District)
    Windsor Royal Shopping Centre, Opposite Windsor Castle, Windsor, SL41 — 328 yards to the south.