Old Linslade Road Bridge No 110

Also known as: Old Linslade Wharf
Old Linslade Road, Heath and Reach, Aylesbury Vale, Central Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Old Linslade Road Bridge No 110 is a minor waterways place on the Grand Union Canal (Grand Junction Canal - Main Line - Gayton to Brentford) between Willowbridge Bridge No 99 (4 miles and 1 furlong and 4 locks to the northwest) and Marsworth Junction (Junction of Grand Union Aylesbury Arm with Main Line) (10 miles and 3¼ furlongs and 12 locks to the south).
The nearest place in the direction of Willowbridge Bridge No 99 is Old Linslade Winding Hole; ½ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Marsworth Junction is Globe Lane Bridge No 111 (Access to The Globe Inn); 7¼ furlongs away.

There may be access to the towpath here.

Mooring here is unrated

There is a bridge here which takes a minor road over the canal.

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 THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL - a highway laid with water.
An account of the Grand Junction Canal, 1792 - 1928, with a postscript. By Ian Petticrew and Wendy Austin.


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  • The Globe Inn (British Restaurant, Bar & Grill)
    869 yards to the southeast.
Social Club
Golf Course & Country Club
Beauty Salon
Beer Garden
Jewelry & Watches Store
Physical Therapist
  • Corrective Therapy UK (Alternative & Holistic Health Service, Massage Service)
    1561 yards to the southwest.
Home Decor
Plumbing Service
Train Station
Boat Service
Elementary School
  • Bluebell Woods (Landmark & Historical Place, Just For Fun)
    1234 yards to the south.
Car Wash
Pet Sitter
Pet Service
Motorcycle Dealership
  • motomovers.uk (Automotive Wholesaler, Cargo & Freight Company)
    1972 yards to the southeast.
Photography Videography
  • Rax Weddings (Business Service)
    1894 yards to the southeast.
  • The Globe (Pub)
    134447 yards to the northwest.
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Local Service
Footwear Store
  • Rubies Shoes (Women's Clothing Store)
    2426 yards to the southeast.
Mental Health Service
  • Lily's Room (Art Gallery, Gift Shop)
    1632 yards to the south.
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