Humphris Bridge No 89

High Street, Daventry NN11 7HB, United Kingdom
Address is taken from a point 328 yards away.
Humphris Bridge No 89 is a minor waterways place on the Oxford Canal (Northern Section - Main Line) between Braunston Turn (Junction of the Grand Union, Oxford and Grand Junction Canals - Bridges No 93 & No 94) (2½ furlongs to the southwest) and Rugby Wharf Arm Junction (10 miles and 3 locks to the northwest).
The nearest place in the direction of Braunston Turn is Braunston Visitor Moorings (London Road); ½ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Rugby Wharf Arm Junction is Ridleys Bridge No 88; 2¼ furlongs away.

Mooring here is ok (a perfectly adequate mooring) , no information available.

There is a bridge here which takes a track over the canal.

User contributed information about Humphris Bridge No 89
The towpath access here is actually limited for wheel access, not by steps, but by a metal 'kissing' gate. \\It is a useful traffic-free route between the 14-Day Visitor Moorings and Braunston by using the footpath which crosses over the bridge and follows the hedge line south-west across the field to come out at Braunston Church. \\Can get crowded and noise from A45 can be intrusive if you are close to it
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Family Style Restaurant
Convention Center
Business Service
  • Swann Systems
    The View, 4 Mill Close, Daventry, NN11 7HY — 320 yards to the east.
Hair Salon
Sports & Recreation
Charity Organization
Agricultural Cooperative
Shopping & Retail
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service
  • Braunston Marina (Boat Service)
    The Wharf, Braunston, NN11 7JH — 878 yards to the southeast.
Sports Team
Religious Organization
Pet Store
  • ReefKeeper Rugby
    A45 London Road, Rugby, CV23 8BL — 1592 yards to the northwest.
  • Your Helmsman (Boat Service, Transportation Service)
    494 yards to the southwest.
Bed and Breakfast
  • Southfield Cottage (Vacation Home Rental, Hotel)
    67 High Street, Braunston, NN11 7HS — 557 yards to the southeast.
Landmark & Historical Place
  • The Old Plough Braunston (Beer Garden, Pub)
    82 High Street, Braunston, NN11 7HS — 631 yards to the southeast.
  • Willoughby Cafe (Coffee Shop)
    london road, Rugby, CV238 — 1587 yards to the northwest.
Nail Salon
  • Millside Serenity Nails (HealthBeauty)
    116 High Street, Braunston, Daventry, NN11 7HS — 407 yards to the southeast.
Industrial Company
Pet Service
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
  • Vega Racing
    Wolfhamcote Turn, London Road, A45,, Daventry, NN11 7HB — 359 yards to the west.
Local Business
  • Industry and Supply
    Southfield Arts, Braunston, NN11 7HS — 630 yards to the east.
  • Cygnets
    co 4 Mill Close, Daventry, NN117HY — 341 yards to the east.
  • Foscote Crafts
    The Butty, 20 Cross Lane, Braunston, Daventry, NN11 7HH — 866 yards to the southeast.
Grocery Store
Community Organization
Computer Repair Service
Butcher Shop
  • Village Meats
    25 High Street, Daventry, NN117 — 757 yards to the east.
Boat Rental
Cleaning Service
  • Visibly Clear Services (Business Service, Pest Control Service)
    Braunston, NN11 7JN — 1129 yards to the east.
  • Wolfhampcote (Geo Entity)
    Wolfhampcote — 1429 yards to the southwest.
Convenience Store
  • Londis
    Daventry, NN117 — 776 yards to the east.
Day Care
  • Braunston Pre-school (Preschool, Child Care Service)
    Braunston village hall, Braunston, NN11 7HW — 996 yards to the east.
Home Goods Store
  • Mill Outlets (Department Store, Retail Company)
    Unit 10, Braunston Business Park, Braunston, NN11 7HB — 471 yards to the southwest.
  • Gongoozler's Rest Cafe (Restaurant)
    The Stophouse, Grand Union Canal, Braunston, NN11 7JQ — 864 yards to the southeast.
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