London Stone

Former limit of the City of London's control of the Thames
River Thames, River Park Avenue, Runnymede TW18 3AQ, United Kingdom
London Stone is a minor waterways place on the River Thames (below Oxford) between Runnymede Motorway Bridge (Alongside is the Lutyens bridge carrying the A30 Staines By-pass.) (4½ furlongs to the west) and Thames - Wey Junction (Junction of the River Thames and the River Wey. Weybridge town centre nearby.) (6 miles and ½ furlongs and 3 locks to the southeast).
The nearest place in the direction of Runnymede Motorway Bridge is Hollyhock Island; 1¾ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Thames - Wey Junction is Church Island; ¾ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Sainsbury's supermarkets (¾ furlongs away)

Church Island near Staines Road Bridge
Copyright: Dave Futcher
Taken: 2 May 2010

This is Church Island just past Staines Bridge on the way to Bell Weir Lock. The boat permanently moored there is Merganser V. What a great new home she has.

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Wikipedia has a page about London Stone

London Stone is a historic landmark housed at 111 Cannon Street in the City of London. It is an irregular block of oolitic limestone measuring 53 × 43 × 30 cm (21 × 17 × 12"), the remnant of a once much larger object that had stood for many centuries on the south side of the street.

The name "London Stone" was first recorded around the year 1100. The date and original purpose of the Stone are unknown, although it is possibly of Roman origin, and there has been interest and speculation about it since at least the 16th century. There are modern claims that it was formerly an object of veneration, or has some occult significance. These assertions, however, are completely unsubstantiated.

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Public Swimming Pool
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Family Style Restaurant
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Pizza Place
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Coffee Shop
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  • Pret A Manger (Sandwich Shop)
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Hotel Resort
Tea Room
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Home Decor
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Train Station
Italian Restaurant
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Landmark & Historical Place
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  • TGI Fridays
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  • Slug & Lettuce Staines (Cocktail Bar, Beer Garden)
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South African Restaurant
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Sports Club
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Movie Theater
  • Vue
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GymPhysical Fitness Center
  • PureGym Staines (Sports & Fitness Instruction)
    Two Rivers Shopping Centre Mustard Mill Rd, Staines, TW184 — 831 yards to the east.
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