Cunard Tunnel (south end)

Also known as: Edward VII Tunnel (se)
Beatles Statue, Queensway, Liverpool L2 5RH, United Kingdom
Cunard Tunnel (south end) is a minor waterways place on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (Liverpool Link) between Stanley Dock (7¾ furlongs and 1 lock to the north) and Salthouse Dock (End of Liverpool Link. Moorings for visiting Liverpool) (3¼ furlongs and 1 lock to the southeast).
It is at one end of Cunard Tunnel.
The nearest place in the direction of Stanley Dock is Cunard Tunnel (north end) (Past the Cunard Building); ¼ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Salthouse Dock is Museum Basin (Opposite the Port of Liverpool Building and the Museum of Liverpool); ¼ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated


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