The Dolphin PH

A4007, London UB8 2XL, United Kingdom
The Dolphin PH is a place on the waterways on the Grand Union Canal (Grand Junction Canal - Main Line - Gayton to Brentford) between Troy Junction Towpath Bridge No 177A (Junction with the private Troy Branch) (4 miles and 4 furlongs and 4 locks to the north) and Cowley Peachey Junction (Junction with Grand Union Slough Branch) (1 mile and 7 furlongs and 1 lock to the south).
The nearest place in the direction of Troy Junction Towpath Bridge No 177A is Dolphin Wharf (Milepost - Braunston 82 miles); ¼ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Cowley Peachey Junction is Dolphin Bridge No 186; a few yards away.

Mooring here is unrated

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Santander Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (4¾ furlongs away)

The place is a Pub and a Restaurant.


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 The Dolphin Pub in Uxbridge
 THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL - a highway laid with water.
An account of the Grand Junction Canal, 1792 - 1928, with a postscript. By Ian Petticrew and Wendy Austin.
 The Boatmen's Institute in Brentford


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