Tesco's First Footbridge

Waitrose, 71 Wharton Court, Chester CH3 5AF, United Kingdom
Tesco's First Footbridge is a minor waterways place on the Shropshire Union Canal (Chester Canal - Bunbury to Chester) between Tarvin Road Bridge No 123 (5¾ furlongs and 2 locks to the east) and Tower Wharf Visitor Moorings (48 hour moorings) (7½ furlongs and 3 locks to the west).
It is part of Chester.
The nearest place in the direction of Tarvin Road Bridge No 123 is Hoole Lane Bridge No 123A; 1¼ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Tower Wharf Visitor Moorings is The Old Harkers Arms PH; 1 furlong away.

There may be access to the towpath here.

Mooring here is unrated

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Mainline railway stations (1¾ furlongs away); Barclays Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (3½ furlongs away); HSBC cashpoints (ATM machines) (3½ furlongs away); Lloyds Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (3 furlongs away); Natwest Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (2, nearest is 1 furlong away)

There is a bridge here which takes pedestrian traffic over the canal.


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