Glover's Island

Also known as: Petersham Ait
Glover's Island, River Lane, London TW10 7AQ, United Kingdom
Glover's Island is a minor waterways place on the River Thames (tidal section) between Teddington Lock Weir Exit (Channel leading to the Weir.) (2 miles to the southwest) and Richmond Lock and Footbridge (For 2 hours each side of high tide the weirs are lifted. At other times the lock must be used.) (1 mile and 1¾ furlongs to the northwest).
The nearest place in the direction of Teddington Lock Weir Exit is Hammerton's Ferry; 3¾ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Richmond Lock and Footbridge is Richmond Bridge (River Thames); 4¾ furlongs away.

Mooring here is unrated


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Glover's Island (originally called Petersham Ait) is in a section of tidal river formerly known as Horse Reach on the Thames, between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, London, England.

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    Twickenham — 1215 yards to the west.
  • Pitcher & Piano (Restaurant, Beer Garden)
    11 Bridge Street, Richmond, TW9 1TQ — 1033 yards to the north.
  • The Roebuck Richmond
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  • The Crown St Margarets (British Restaurant, Pub)
    174 Richmond Road, St Margarets, Twickenham, London, TW1 2NH — 1026 yards to the west.
British Restaurant
Pizza Place
  • Pizza Express
    Lion House, Red Lion Street, Richmond, TW9 1RE — 1238 yards to the north.
German Restaurant
  • Stein's
    Richmond Towpath, Richmond upon Thames, TW10 6 — 743 yards to the north.
Golf Course & Country Club
  • Richmond Golf Club (Arts & Entertainment, Landmark & Historical Place)
    Richmond — 1335 yards to the southeast.
Hotel Resort
Beer Garden
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    The Embankment,TW1 3DU, London, TW1 3DU — 1590 yards to the west.
  • Richmond by the River
    Richmond upon Thames — 1101 yards to the north.
  • Slug & Lettuce Richmond
    Riverside House Water Lane Richmond, Richmond, TW9 1TJ — 1148 yards to the north.
  • B@1
    7A Petersham Road, Richmond upon Thames, TW10 6UH — 986 yards to the north.
Religious Organization
  • Goucho Grill
    The Towpath, London, TW9 1 — 838 yards to the north.
Landmark & Historical Place
Tattoo & Piercing Shop
Local Business
  • Richmond Riverside
    Whittaker Avenue, Richmond upon Thames, TW9 1 — 1093 yards to the north.
  • The Rising Sun
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Wedding Venue
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MovieTelevision Studio
Performance Art Theatre
  • Richmond Theatre (Live Music Venue)
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  • The Petersham Hotel (Restaurant, Cafe)
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  • Richmond Hill Hotel (Convention Center, Restaurant)
    144 - 150 Richmond Hill, Richmond, TW10 6RW — 686 yards to the northeast.
Sports Club
  • Ham Polo Club (Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue)
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Movie Theater
  • ODEON Richmond
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  • ODEON Richmond Studio
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Tour Agency
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    Ham St, London, TW10 7 — 1094 yards to the southwest.
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