Introducton and Help

Canalplan AC is a web-based program designed to help you plan a journey on Britain's inland waterways. It has evolved from programs my family has used to help plan our holidays for many years.

Cookie policy

CanalPlanAC uses cookies in two ways.

Firstly, a session cookie is used to keep track of your progress and settings as you use the site. These are flagged as temporary and your browser should delete them when you close it after using CanalPlanAC.

Secondly, if you tick "remember me" when you log on a permanent cookie will be set that enables automatic logging on when you next visit.

In neither case does the cookie hold any personal information or historic data about your usage of the site.

Other information

Here are other things you might find interesting:

Below are step-by-step guides to doing the most common things, but I hope you can make it do most things just by playing with it.

How do I?

The following help items are being written and will appear soon, but I'm afraid don't actually exist at the moment: