Codes used in the 'attributes' field of places

This is extracted from the attributes.h field for easy reference

Each line contains:

The first block are "facilities" and the second "attributes". They must stay in this order */

// quick reference of which have been used
// -bcdef—-lmn-p—t–wxy-
// -2-4—8–
// !=/@|[]?$%

#ifdef FACILE
     LINE(diesel,   'D',"diesel for sale")
     LINE(elsan,    'E',"chemical toilet disposal")
     LINE(elsan_pump,   'd',"chemical toilet disposal suitable for DIY pump-out")
     LINE(gas,          'G',"gas for sale")
     LINE(coal,         'A',"coal for sale")
     LINE(selfpump, 'P',"boater-operated pump-out")
     LINE(pumpout,  'p',"boatyard pump-out")
     LINE(rubbish,  'R',"rubbish disposal")
     LINE(showers,  'S',"showers")
     LINE(toilets,   't',"toilets")
     LINE(water,    'W',"water point")
     LINE(watercan, 'w',"water (cans only)")
     LINE(botrecyc, 'B',"glass recycling")
     LINE(paprecyc, 'N',"paper recycling")
     LINE(canrecyc, 'C',"tin can recycling")
     LINE(alrecyc,      'a',"aluminium can recycling")
     LINE(laundrette,   'l',"laundrette")
     LINE(wildcard, '*',"matches anything")
     LINE(boatyard, 'b',"boatyard")
     LINE(pub,      'Z',"pub")
     LINE(church,   'c',"church")
     LINE(lock,   'L',"lock")
     LINE(lock2,    '2',"two locks")
     LINE(lock4,    '4',"four locks")
     LINE(lock8,    '8',"eight locks")
     LINE(anchor,   '!',"map anchor")
     LINE(bridge,   '=',"bridge")
     LINE(moveable, '/',"moveable bridge")
     LINE(moveopen, '|',"moveable bridge (usually left open)")
     LINE(overbridge,   '~',"small aqueduct or overbridge")
     LINE(flight,   'f',"lock in a flight")
     LINE(topbot,   'F',"top or bottom lock")
     LINE(cutting,'x',"place inside a cutting")
     LINE(endcutting,'X',"end of a cutting")
     LINE(embankment,'y',"place inside an embankment")
     LINE(endembank, 'Y',"end of an embankment")
     LINE(winding,  '@',"winding hole")
     LINE(windable,     '#',"windable waterway")
     LINE(tunnel,   '[',"the end of a tunnel")
     LINE(aqueduct, ']',"the end of a long aqueduct")
         LINE(navnote,'%',"a navigational note is attached")
     LINE(flightlabel,  '?',"the place to label a flight on a map")
     LINE(haven,        'H',"a safe space to stop")
     LINE(mooring,      'M',"an official mooring")
     LINE(marker,       'm',"a marker place (a bend for example)")
     LINE(advertgaz,    '$',"a place with adverts in the gazeteer")
         LINE(narrow,       'n',"a narrows")
         LINE(wide,         'o',"a wide spot")
     LINE(last, '\0',"")        // always make this last in the list