River Brue

The River Brue is a small river and is part of the Waterways of Mainland Britain. It runs for 1 mile and 4 furlongs from Highbridge (which is a dead end) to Parrett - Brue Junction (where it joins the River Parrett).

The maximum dimensions for a boat to be able to travel on the waterway are 54 feet long and 14 feet wide. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.


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Limit of navigation
Parrett - Brue Junction
Junction of Rivers Parrett and Brue
1 mile and 4 furlongs 0 locks
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The River Brue originates in the parish of Brewham in Somerset, England, and reaches the sea some 50 kilometres (31 mi) west at Burnham-on-Sea. It originally took a different route from Glastonbury to the sea, but this was changed by Glastonbury Abbey in the twelfth century. The river provides an important drainage route for water from a low lying area which is prone to flooding which man has tried to manage through rhynes, canals, artificial rivers and sluices for centuries.

The Brue Valley Living Landscape is an ecological conservation project based on the Somerset Levels and Moors and managed by the Somerset Wildlife Trust. The valley includes several Sites of Special Scientific Interest including Westhay Moor, Shapwick Heath and Shapwick Moor. Much of the area has been at the centre of peat extraction on the Somerset Levels. The Brue Valley Living Landscape project commenced in January 2009 to restore and reconnect habitat that will support wildlife. The aim is to be able to sustain itself in the face of climate change while guaranteeing farmers and other landowners can continue to use their land profitably. It is one of an increasing number of landscape scale conservation projects in the UK.

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