River Dender

The River Dender is a large river and is part of the Waterways of Mainland Europe. It runs for 67 kilometres through 13 locks from Ath (where it joins the Kanaal Blaton-Ath) to Schelde - Dender Verbinding (where it joins the River Schelde or Escaut (Tidal section)).

The exact dimensions of the largest boat that can travel on the waterway are not known. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.

Junction of Canal Blaton a Ath with River Dender
Sluis Bilhee 1.20 kilometres 0 locks
Sluis Rebaix 3.87 kilometres 1 lock
Sluis Papignies 7.98 kilometres 2 locks
Sluis Lessines 12.22 kilometres 3 locks
Sluis Deux-Acren 15.28 kilometres 4 locks
Sluis Geraardsbergen 20.75 kilometres 5 locks
Sluis Idegem 26.42 kilometres 6 locks
Sluis Pollare 34.24 kilometres 7 locks
Sluis Denderleeuw 42.35 kilometres 8 locks
Sluis Teralfene 44.80 kilometres 9 locks
Sluis Aalst 51.55 kilometres 10 locks
Sluis Denderbelle 60.28 kilometres 11 locks
Sluis Dendermonde 66.54 kilometres 12 locks
Schelde - Dender Verbinding
Junction of the River Schelde with the River Dender at Dendermonde
67 kilometres 13 locks
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