Maas (Meuse) - (River Meuse)

The Maas (Meuse) - (River Meuse) is a large river and is part of the Maas (Meuse). It runs for 113.21 kilometres through 13 locks from Albert - Meuse Verbinding (where it joins the Albertkanaal) to French - Belgium Border (Canal de la Meuse) (where it joins the Canal de la Meuse).

The exact dimensions of the largest boat that can travel on the waterway are not known. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.

It has a junction with the River Sambre at Sambre - Meuse Verbinding.

Albert - Meuse Verbinding
Junction of the Albert Canal with the River Meuse
Liege 4.50 kilometres 0 locks
Sluis Ivoz-Ramet 15.33 kilometres 0 locks
Sluis Amspin-Neuville 31.23 kilometres 1 lock
Sluis Andenne-Seilles 50.90 kilometres 2 locks
Sluis 10 Grands-Malades 65.81 kilometres 3 locks
Sambre - Meuse Verbinding
Junction of the River Sambre with the River Meuse at Namur
67.96 kilometres 4 locks
Sluis 9 La Plante 69.67 kilometres 4 locks
Sluis 8 Tailfer 76.72 kilometres 5 locks
Sluis 7 Rivière 82.03 kilometres 6 locks
Sluis 6 Hun 85.15 kilometres 7 locks
Sluis 5 Houx 90.70 kilometres 8 locks
Sluis 4 Dinant 94.60 kilometres 9 locks
Sluis 3 Anseremme 98.30 kilometres 10 locks
Sluis 2 Waulsort 104.97 kilometres 11 locks
Sluis 1 Hastière 108.56 kilometres 12 locks
French - Belgium Border (Canal de la Meuse) 113.21 kilometres 13 locks
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