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2019-02-16 20:26 GMT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000541452 Bugmajorassigned (Stephen Atty)2019-02-16Unable to get Wordpress plugin to work
  00005581   Generalminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2019-02-16Help with configuring WP plugin
  000055731 Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Stephen Atty)2019-02-16Implement alternative location tracking system
  00005562   Generalminornew2019-02-16Mention of Latitude interface is out of date
  00005541   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-02-14Incorrect canal map shown
  00005475   Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Nick Atty)2019-02-12Add mooring for use of facilities only
  000054951 Bugmajorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-02-11Create pdf of itinerary doesn't reproduce map
  0000552    Route Planningmajorresolved2019-02-10Route Map does not appear in .pdf
  000055131 Generalminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-02-10Dawley Doc information
  00005481   Route Planningmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-02-10Adjust Stops doesn't work
  0000550    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-02-08Viewing Virtual Cruise Limitation
  00004202   Server Configurationminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-01-31Auto-block very popular SQL injection test
  000053611   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-01-31Added a place - can't find it.
  00005446   Route Planningmajorresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-01-31Stoppages inaccurate
  00005453   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-01-29Cordinates for "Place moved on map" don't changes
  000054641 Feature Requesttweakresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-01-27I wonder if it may be worthwhile looking at coding a Standard Email Response, such as "You have an unread message at Canal-Plan"
  0000543    Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-27No Route Save after calculation
  000054022 Route Planningmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-27PDF generation not working - using Safari v9.1.3 web browser
  000054273 Bugmajorresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-01-25Ad banner blocking view of certain pages
  00005182   Feature Requestminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2019-01-25Make Canallplan More Mobile Friendly
  000053915   Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2019-01-23Repack the database automatically
  0000538    Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-20Database read in "options.can" for every access
  00005008   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-01-20Classified section
  00005371   Bugminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-01-18Login lin from Bugtrack seems to have stopped working properly
  0000535    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-13Improvements to virtual cruise
  0000533    Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-06Improve error reporting for external websites
  0000532    Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-06Improve embedded place selection
  00005254   Data Maintenanceminorassigned (Nick Atty)2019-01-03RSS/Data changes poor if an external website link is deleted
  00005201   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-12-05Cant download route into a CSV
  0000516    Internal Improvementsminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-11-18Put rel="canonical" links into headers
  00005111   Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-10-28Show Links doesn't work
  00005061   Generalminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-10-21Photo credits
  0000507    Databaseminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-10-21Renaming an area doesn't work
  00005041   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-10-16Unable to find option to delete my stored routes.
  0000502    Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Nick Atty)2018-10-13stop between start and end times
  00002751   Data Maintenanceminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-09-06Discussions labled as **NOT FOUND**
  00004923   Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Nick Atty)2018-08-31User Recommendations
  00004942   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-08-31Stripmaps for Junctions with bridges
  0000488    Internal Improvementsfeatureassigned (Nick Atty)2018-08-23Photos
  00004843   Feature Requestminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-08-19Plan a journey
  0000483    Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-08-11OG Tags contain * NOT FOUND *
  00004797   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-08-08log in problem
  0000478    Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Nick Atty)2018-07-22Photos displayed in user-selected order
  00004756   Route Planningmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-07-21Difficulty in getting Preferences to 'save' or remain as chosen.
  00004686   Databaseminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2018-07-18links from thumbnail to normal or large images go to wrong images
  00004702   Bugmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-06-25Wrong logon name
  00000442   Bugminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-06-06An un-editable place
  00004663   Route Planningminorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-06-01Time taken between two points varies based on method chosen
  00004651   Route Planningmajorassigned (Nick Atty)2018-05-28Exported csv does not match summary time
  00004342   Generalminorassigned (Stephen Atty)2018-05-25Boat tracker - Backitude not listed in Google Play.