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2019-06-20 12:25 BST

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0000306Canalplan [All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2017-08-24 08:58
ReporterNick Atty 
Assigned ToNick Atty 
PlatformGenericOSN/AOS VersionN/A
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000306: Virtual cruise layout
DescriptionOn some laptops the virtual cruise could show all three boxes side-by-side - at present you can't see all without scrolling.

In fact VC would benefit from being a lot more responsive: we should the three items stacked on a mobile, side-by-side on widescreen with sizes adjusted to fit. You should be able to select the number and order of boxes (two maps and photos) etc.

They could be improved in other ways as well - see comments in the code and the issues below.

Should work in old issues 105 and 676 (which is effectively this),
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2017-08-22 09:01 Nick Atty New Issue
2017-08-22 09:01 Nick Atty Status new => assigned
2017-08-22 09:01 Nick Atty Assigned To => Nick Atty
2017-08-24 08:58 Nick Atty Summary Virtual cruise on widescreen => Virtual cruise layout
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