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0000513Canalplan Route Planningpublic2018-11-05 14:532019-02-04 11:30
Assigned ToNick Atty 
PlatformGenericOSN/AOS VersionN/A
Product VersionProduct Build 
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Summary0000513: Minor quibble on text in route output.
DescriptionRoute output describes swing bridges and aqueducts in the following way:

"Today's journey involves at least 2 small aqueducts or underbridges."

"Today's journey involves at least 8 moveable bridges."

In this output the phrase "at least" seems redundant, and possibly misleading, as given the current state of the database, these numbers are very unlikely to be underestimated.
Steps To ReproduceCreate any journey involving aqueducts or movable bridges.
Tagsroute planning
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Nick Atty   
2018-11-07 07:24   
You're right. When I wrote that text it was entirely justifiable, but things have moved on.

It's a trivial edit to a template file, so shouldn't have to wait very long.
Nick Atty   
2019-01-05 11:06   
Fixed a few releases back but I didn't update the issue.
2019-02-04 11:30   
Closing automatically, stayed too long in feedback state. Feel free to re-open with additional information if you think the issue is not resolved.

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