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0000259Canalplan Route Planningpublic2017-03-16 18:342017-03-18 11:28
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Summary0000259: CSV export places the link locks entry (1) against the Current Place after the lock itself.
DescriptionCSV export places the link locks entry (1) against the Current Place after the Current Place lock itself. I would have expected the lock quantity to be against the Current Place lock name.
eg Current Place Link Locks
   Stenson Lock No 6 0
   Stenson Bridge No 19 1
The question is are all the other columns one row displaced as well ?
Steps To ReproduceJust export any route in Canal Plan CSV. The route i used was Mercia Marina to Norton Junction via Market Harborough.
TagsCSV, Export, route planning
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Nick Atty   
2017-03-18 07:12   
"It's working as designed". This has been a slightly uneasy decision from the very earliest days of the program...

What happens is that you are only considered to have gone through a lock when you have passed through it. In other words, when a place that is a lock appears in a route plan (CSV, route list, route table, Itinerary, print-out etc) you are taken to have reached the end of the lock nearest to you, and you pass through the lock as you move to the next place.

This is reflected in the timings as well. The same approach is taken for moveable bridges.

There are arguments that it should work the other way round, but I've not been convinced yet that it is better that way - just different.
2017-03-18 11:28   
Ok thanks, consider the issue closed.

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