Unfortunately a serious error has occurred and has prevented CanalPlanAC from continuing.

The error is as follows:

Error: Something went wrong internal to the interpreter in 47 of ../cgi-bin/place.can
database input system.config.main_data
can_assert.c:9::Assert(p->place[1]->links < SPIDERSIZE) failed in file route.c, line 1201

An automatic email has already been sent to the site operator. There is no need to report this bug in any other way unless several days have passed and it has not been fixed. We aplogise for this, but with a large and complicated site such as this one there will inevitably be a few bugs still hanging around.

In the meantime, if that error message means nothing to you, here's some useful advice. Canals and rivers work just as well if you don't have a lake handy

Cartoon from xkcd and used under license