Sheepwash Bridge

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Sheepwash Road, Sheepwash, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom
Sheepwash Road (A1068)
Sheepwash Bridge is a minor waterways place at the end of the River Wansbeck (beyond which it is no longer navigable); past Mouth of the Wansbeck (3 miles and 1 lock to the east).
The nearest place in the direction of Mouth of the Wansbeck is Wansbeck Riverside Park; 2¾ furlongs away.

West Sleekburn Road Bridge2 miles, 3 furlongs
West Sleekburn Lock2 miles, 2½ furlongs
West Sleekburn Wide1 mile, 7¾ furlongs
West Sleekburn Railway Bridge1 mile, 3 furlongs
West Ford Road Bridge1 mile, ½ furlongs
Wansbeck Riverside Park2¾ furlongs
Sheepwash Bridge
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Ashford-in-the-Water - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sheepwash Bridge is a packhorse bridge with an attached stone sheepwash : lambs were placed in the pen on one side of the river and the ewes swam ...
Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge - Wikipedia, the free ...
Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge is a railway bridge over Sheepwash Channel in west Oxford, England, just north of Oxford railway station. To the north are ...
Sheepwash Bridge - Bridges On The Tyne
SHEEPWASH BRIDGE. This bridge carries the A1068 from Guide Post to Ashington. A medieval bridge stood just upstream and the present bridge replaced the ...
Ashford in the Water - Peak District
The river and the bridges across it are major features of Ashford. Sheepwash Bridge dates from the 17th century and has a pen next to it for the purpose of ...
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West Sleekburn Wide — 1 mile, 7¾ furlongs away
On this waterway in the direction of Mouth of the Wansbeck