Ecluse 14 Chatillon en Bazois

Rue du Canal, Châtillon-en-Bazois, Nievre, Burgundy, France
Ecluse 14 Chatillon en Bazois is a minor waterways place on the Canal du Nivernais (Main Line) between Loire - Aron Junction (Junction of the River Loire and the River Aron on the Embranchement Decize) (31 miles and 1¼ furlongs and 21 locks to the southwest) and Clamecy (38 miles and 5 furlongs and 61 locks to the north).
The nearest place in the direction of Loire - Aron Junction is Ecluse 15 Chatillon en Bazois; 1¾ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Clamecy is Pont de Rue du Dr Dubois D978; ¾ furlongs away.

This is a lock with a rise of 2.03m.

Pont au Pont (N)2 miles, 1¼ furlongs
Pont du Ecluse Coeuillon1 mile, 1½ furlongs
Ecluse de garde 16 Coeuillon1 mile, 1½ furlongs
Pont a Ecluse 152 furlongs
Ecluse 15 Chatillon en Bazois1¾ furlongs
Ecluse 14 Chatillon en Bazois
Pont de Rue du Dr Dubois D978¾ furlongs
Pont au Mingot1 mile, 6 furlongs
Pont Ecluse Mingot1 mile, 6¼ furlongs
Ecluse 13 Mingot1 mile, 6¼ furlongs
Pont Ecluse Orgue2 miles, 1½ furlongs
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Les voies navigables du bassin Centre-Bourgogne
15 janv. 2014 ... Chatillon-en-Bazois 15. Chatillon-en-Bazois 14. Mingot 13. Orgue 12. Mouas L. 0,268 km. Sardy 16. Echellede 16 écluses. Port-Brûlé 1.
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Mooring here is "excellent" - it is a really good mooring

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September 2014 - Port is very good shared with Canalous hire boats (finger moorings)- on the opposite side free mooring on bollards and free electricity and water. Good boulangerie and decent supermarket

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