Kilometre Stone 104

Distance a la Loire
Rue de la Petite Planté, Villiers-sur-Yonne, Nievre, Burgundy, France
A well weather worn example.
Copyright: Peter Stockdale
Taken: 20 April 2010

Even in close-up, the numerals are unreadable.

Kilometre Stone 104 is a minor waterways place on the Canal du Nivernais (Main Line) between Loire - Aron Junction (Junction of the River Loire and the River Aron on the Embranchement Decize) (64 miles and 5¾ furlongs and 76 locks to the south) and Clamecy (6 miles and 1¼ furlongs and 7 locks to the northwest).
The nearest place in the direction of Loire - Aron Junction is Kilometre Stone 103 (Distance a la Loire); 5½ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Clamecy is Ecluse 42 Villiers; 2½ furlongs away.

Kilometre Post 1012 miles, ¼ furlongs
Ecluse 40 Breves1 mile, 1 furlong
Pont de D1851 mile
Ecluse 41 Esselier6½ furlongs
Kilometre Stone 1035½ furlongs
Kilometre Stone 104
Ecluse 42 Villiers2½ furlongs
Pont de Rue de Pont a Villiers sur Yonne4 furlongs
Pont pres Cuncy1 mile, ¼ furlongs
Ecluse 43 Cuncy1 mile, 3¾ furlongs
Pont du Ecluse Cuncy1 mile, 4 furlongs
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