Canal Road Underbridge

Crossing a small stream
Canal Road, Timperley, Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Canal Road Underbridge is a minor waterways place on the Bridgewater Canal (Main Line) between Timperley Bridge No 33 (Timperley) (2¾ furlongs to the northeast) and Lymm Bridge No 23 (Lymm, footbridge is next to road bridge) (6 miles and 2¾ furlongs to the west).
The nearest place in the direction of Timperley Bridge No 33 is Railway Bridge No 32 (Stockport Line); ¾ furlongs away.
The nearest place in the direction of Lymm Bridge No 23 is Broadheath Bridge No 30; 2¾ furlongs away.

Places of interest within 1 mile and to which this is the nearest place: Mainline railway stations (2¾ furlongs away); Santander Bank cashpoints (ATM machines) (2½ furlongs away)

Sale Bridge No 351 mile, 7 furlongs
Marsland Bridge No 341 mile, 2¾ furlongs
Sinderland Brook Aqueduct5¼ furlongs
Timperley Bridge No 332¾ furlongs
Railway Bridge No 32¾ furlongs
Canal Road Underbridge
Broadheath Bridge No 302¾ furlongs
Oldfield Quay Pipebridge6¾ furlongs
Oldfield Quay1 mile, ¼ furlongs
Seamon's Moss Pipebridge1 mile, 2 furlongs
Seamon's Moss Bridge No 291 mile, 2¼ furlongs
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  • Trafford College (College & University, Educational Service)
    693 yards to the northwest.
Professional services
Pet services
  • Aqua Babies (Sports & Recreation)
    373 yards to the north.
Spas/beauty/personal care
Concert venue
Sports venue
Local business
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Under Bridge Spicy Crab
There were many cooked food stalls along the Canal Road Flyover since more than 15 years ago with many people came there for dinner and overnight snack.
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Line - CanalPlanAC
Stockport Line, 7 miles and 1¼ furlongs, 0 locks. Canal Road Underbridge Crossing a small stream, 7 miles and 2 furlongs, 0 locks. Broadheath Bridge No 30 ...
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